BML has always been an active member of society, giving back to the community and contributing to its betterment in more ways than one.


BML is lately placing an increased emphasis on environmental issues. To raise awareness about the importance of sustainable waste management, we recently launched our Recycling Program in collaboration with ‘L’Ecoute’ – جمعية الإصغاء – a non-profit association helping people with disabilities integrate the society and access the professional world.
By virtue of this program, BML now applies waste sorting policies in its Head Office and across its branches, sending all recyclable material to l’Ecoute for processing. This environmental initiative has been raising awareness about sustainable waste management solutions and their role in creating an environment that will stand the test of time. Recycling, as one of them, helps save energy, reduce greenhouse emissions, and curb climate change which has become a pressing world issue. BML is keen on encouraging better waste practices to guarantee a better tomorrow for future generations.


One of the most famous CSR initiatives by BML to date is the DAFA campaign, which promotes donations of basic needs like food, clothing, hygiene products and other necessities to families and individuals in Lebanon who are living below the poverty line. BML has been sponsoring this campaign since 2016, supporting 45,000 families by end of 2018 – a number that has largely increased to date.


BML’s collaboration with Hasan Dia – an athlete and hand cyclist born with Spina Bifida – elaborates BML’s support of young potential regardless of their challenges.
BML took on Hasan’s training, travel and participation in competitions to pave his way towards the Paralympics. As a BML ambassador, Hasan was the 2018 National Paracycling Champion, winning first place in the Tripoli Half Marathon, first place in his category in the Beirut Marathon, and ranking 20th in the UCI Paracycling World Ranking. Hasan continues to participate in several European Cups.