Welcome to BML, a dynamic financial institution that combines a long tradition in Lebanon’s banking sector with a modern corporate culture of excellence in service, loyalty, integrity, transparency, and professionalism.

BML is a universal bank providing a full range of corporate, commercial and retail products and services, as well as private banking services that all embody the latest in banking techniques and methodologies, and are geared to meet the evolving requirements and expectations of customers.

BML’s growing branch network is strategically located in the major cities and regions of Lebanon, supported by an extensive ATM network and online banking services. Reflecting its emphasis on personalized service and the pursuit of excellence, BML has grown rapidly and consistently despite the various challenges in the market. Its customer base continues to expand and diversify to encompass a wide cross section of the retail banking market, blue chip institutional clients, and small and medium sized enterprises. Over the last five years total assets have risen nearly 55%, deposits 65%, and loans and advances to customers 163%. The average annual rate of growth in all three aggregates was faster than the sector and peer bank average.

The growth of BML’s business and market reach has been allied with the highest standard of corporate governance, careful adherence to all regulatory requirements and standards, strict risk management guidelines, and a strong balance sheet.

Mohamed El-Etrebi.

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