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Retail Banking / Loans / Personal Loans
Loan Amount
Minimum USD1,000 & Maximum USD25,000 or its counter value in LBP
Loan Tenor
  • For Salaried Applicants: Minimum 6 months & Maximum 5 Years
  • For Self Employed Applicants: Minimum 6 months & Maximum 4 Years
Lebanese citizen for more than 10 years & Residing in Lebanon
Minimum 21 years old (at loan initiation) and Maximum 64 (at loan settlement)
Years of service
  • Salaried Applicants:
    • Min. 1 year of uninterrupted service for Permanent Public Sector Employees
    • Min. 2 years of uninterrupted service all other applicants
  • Self Employed Applicants:
    • Min. 2 years of practice in the line of business / sector.
NSSF Registration
Enrolled in the NSSF and ability to obtain the NSSF Certificate or Card (for Employees in the Private Sector only).
Pricing (on regressive balance)
  • Public Sector: 12% for loans in LBP 
  • Private Sector: 15% for loans in LBP & 13% for loans in USD
Documents: Pre-approval
1. Loan Application
2. Last Utility Bill paid (Fixed phone, Electricity, Water)
3. Photocopy of ID card
4. Authenticated Salary Certificate
5. Copy of CNSS card or Medical insurance card