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Retail Banking / Loans / Housing Loans / PCH-ISKAN
House Status


  1. Finished apartments
  2. Building a house on a land owned by the applicant

Not Accepted:

  1. Under construction
  2. Unfinished
Acceptable Applicant Status General Conditions
  1. Applicants must be of min of 21 years old
  2. No minmum salary but 2 years work experience if employed
  3. Household income not to exceed 6.75 million LBP
  4. Exemption from registration and stamps fees .
Loan Tenor
30 years
Loan Maximum Amount

270 Million LBP

Percentage Financing
File Fees
1% of loan amount, no registration or mortgage fees.
Life and Fire Insurance

Paid by the client

Interest Rate
20% of 2 years treasury bills yield +3.9% (currently 5.068% reviewed every two years)
Life Insurance
Fire Insurance