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Retail Banking / Loans / Housing Loans / BML Housing Loan
Acceptable House Status Under Construction
Acceptable House Status to Build a House
Acceptable Applicant Status General Conditions
  1. Purchase of a residence (as primary or secondary) in Lebanon
  2. Applicants must be a minimum of 25 years old initiation and a maximum of 64 years old at loan settlement date.
  3. Expatriates can benefit from this program
Loan Tenor
20 years
Loan Maximum Amount

1 Million USD

Percentage Financing

Up to 75% of apartment purchase price or appraised value

File fees
0.5% of loan amount
Interest Rate

5.8% for the first year, and follows a formula for the next years, 1 year Libor + 5% with a floor of 7.5%. The rate is reviewed every year.

Life and Fire Insurance

Paid by the client

Loan Currency