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Profile & History

Established in 1929, BML is one of the oldest banks in Lebanon, predating the country’s independence by nearly 17 years and listed as bank number 3 on the historical register of banks. For many decades, BML was one of the leading banks in Lebanon in terms of the size of its balance sheet, the scope of its banking activities, the spread of its branch network, and its substantial customer base that encompassed a broad segment of depositors and the top commercial and corporate clients in Lebanon and the region.

Under its new management, BML has gone through a period of rapid change over the past three years, encompassing a complete internal restructuring, an ongoing renovation and modernization of all its facilities and an expansion of the branch network, the development and modernization of its services and products to re-enforce its presence on the Lebanese market, and an increase in its paid-up capital to LBP 100 billion.

As a result, BML today is poised to continue its long tradition within the Lebanese banking sector, offering a full range of corporate, commercial and retail banking services through its network of 19 branches strategically located in the major cities and regions of Lebanon, and supported by a network of ATM machines. BML’s services and products embody the latest in banking techniques, and are geared to meet the evolving requirements and expectations of its growing customer base.

BML’s vision is to be the preferred bank for its customers and a leading regional bank. It is working hard to achieve this vision through a dedication to personalized services to its customers, a corporate culture of excellence in service, team spirit, integrity and professionalism, and by building on synergies with Banque Misr (Egypt), and its international network.